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How to Keep Christmas Lights from Tangling

Decorating for the holiday season is a tradition many take part of. Streets are bright and filled with all sorts of Christmas lights. However, there's one thing we all hate: opening that Christmas box and seeing the llights in a giant mess all tangled in a ball. It's less than fun and wastes so much time that can be filled with joy and laughter instead. Here are some methods you can use to avoid tangling those lights when they aren't in use: 

The Cardboard Method:

This method involves a flat piece of cardboard and scissors. Simply cut some notches into the cardboard and wrap the lights around it. The notch will keep them from falling off, and the cardboard will keep them nice and straight. Next time the holiday season sneaks up on you, those Christmas lights won't be a tangled mess!

Figure 8 Method: 

Another simple yet effective method. No tricks in this one, just wrap the lights that makes them look like an 8. Keep wraping until about a foot of the light strand remains. Then simply use whats left over to wrap and tie the middle of the figure 8. The lights should hold that figure until the next time you need them.

The Hanger Method:

Using hangers is a great way to keep the lights neat and tidy, while also avoiding the irritating mess that comes when they tangle. SImply start wrapping on one end of the hanger, once you get to the end wrap the plug around the hook of the hanger. This not only keeps it safe but also lets you find the plug very quickly. 

If your Lights are already tangled, try these: 

Step 1: FInd the Plug

A good rule of thumb is to always find the plug first. It's easily identifiable which gives a good place to start. Spread the lights out in a large area and keep working at the knots slowly and carefully. 

  • If you encounter a particuraly difficult knot, you can use a pen or pencil or other object (that isn't too sharp) to loosen the knot just enough to get a hold of.

Step 2: 

It's never fun trying to untangle christmas lights. While you are untangling them make sure you are keeping them organized as they can get all messy and tangled as you are working your way through a different section. You can keep them in neat straight lines or simply wrap them around your arm. 

Step 3: 

It's a good practice to check eat individual bulb. Since you're already running through the strand, nows a good time to do just that. Once this step is done, they're reading to be hung up and displayed!

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