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Which Lights Should I get for Outdoor Use?

Not all Christmas lights can be used outdoors. Some aren't well equipped to handle weather like rain and snow. How can you tell? Well, all Christmas lights have an IP rating which tells us exactly how well equiped the lights are when it comes to handling moisture and other foreign bodies. 

What is an IP Rating?

IP stands for "Ingress Protection" and basically lets the user know how well equiped the actual shells of the lights are to handle outdoor conditions. IP rating ranges from 0 to 69. 0 being the least amount of protection. When trying to use lights for outdoor use, an IP65 rating is generally the target. IP65 lights are perfectly suited to handle almost all weather conditions and will last longer. 

IP Threshholds

  • IP45
    • Lights with the IP45 rating can handle some water. Technically they are protected from water spray, but it is not recommended for areas that recieve heavy rainfall.
  • IP55
    • Most good quality lights are offered with this rating. It's a great all rounder for any environment and comes decently equipped to handle moisture. 
  • IP66
    • The most versatile and long lasting lights. Best for any outdoor use and will last up to 10 years. Can be completely submerged in water!


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